Kitty Lloyd, Brentwood Bay

While we were getting a new roof installed on our 1961-era house last summer, we took advantage of the opportunity to add some insulation to the attic space. Now we have R28 instead of the R6 that was there with the original insulation. Our upstairs was always quite cool in winter, and really hot in summer. Now with this extra insulation the upper floor is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Now we are enjoying extra savings on heating bills, and a much more comfortable living space.

Lorne Verhulst, Saanich

We used to supplement our heat with a woodstove and the house would get too hot. With a heat pump, we are now saving money on wood and our heating bills are a third lower. The house is comfortable all the time and we love the air conditioning in the summer.

Ted and Carol S., Saanich

We have had our air source heat pump for over 6 years. The heating and cooling it provides is extremely efficient and quiet, eliminates the need for fossil fuels, and provides a ‘clean comfort’ that is second-to-none. Is there any better choice in the market today?

Don Scott, Retired Policy Analyst, Saanich

Energy improvements have cut our home’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. Our annual home energy costs tumbled $1,500 (64%) despite the price of electricity increasing since 2000. It’s not rocket science. Stop leaks, upgrade windows, insulate and install a high efficiency heat pump.