What does climate-friendly home mean?

A climate-friendly home is a home that produces minimal greenhouse gas emissions and minimally contributes to local and global climate change.  In the capital region, 30-50% of our emissions are from burning fossil fuels for heating our homes and buildings. In Vancouver, nearly 60% of carbon pollution comes from buildings.  A home with fossil fuel heating (e.g. natural gas, oil, or propane) can produce more GHG emissions than the average car each year. A home with electric heating will produce almost no GHG emissions thanks to BC’s nearly 100% renewable hydroelectricity supply.

A home can be made more climate-friendly by reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions it produces. There are a variety of ways to do this, including switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon hydroelectricity and/or by improving the overall efficiency of your home. Home energy improvements such as upgrading to a heat pump and improving the insulation, windows, and air sealing in your home, can keep energy bills low and help to make your home climate-friendly.