Am I required to have an EnerGuide home evaluation to participate?

No. There is no requirement to have a home evaluation. It is only encouraged if you are looking for in-home guidance and support as to which home energy retrofits would be best for your home or if you want to access the provincial rebates that are only available to homes that have an energy evaluation. You may not need an evaluation if:

  • You have already had an EnerGuide home evaluation.
  • You already know what energy retrofits you want to complete.
  • You have already completed home energy upgrades and you want to participate in the Bring It Home program in other ways.

If you have already had an EnerGuide home evaluation

If you have completed an EnerGuide home evaluation within the last 12 months, you may use this report for the purposes of the program. You will need to send a copy of the EnerGuide report to the program administration.